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Bell, N.E., Kariyawasam, I.U., Hedderson T.A. & Hyvonen. J., (2015). Delongia gen. nov., a new genus of Polytrichaceae (Bryophyta) with two disjunct species in East Africa and the Himalaya. Taxon 64: 893 – 910.

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Bolton J.J., De Clerck O, Anderson R.J., Francis C.M., Siyanga-Tembo F.,(2016). Two newly discovered Grateloupia (Rhodophyta) species on aquaculture rafts on the west coast of South Africa, including the widely introduced G. turuturu. Phycologia 55(6): 659-666.

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Hoffmann V., Verboom G.A., & Cotterill F.P.D., (2015). Dated Plant Phylogenies Resolve Neogene Climate and Landscape Evolution in the Cape Floristic Region PLoS ONE 10(9), 48e0137847. Doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0137847

Huisman J.M., Dixon R.R.M., Hart F.N., Verbruggen H., Anderson R.J., 2015. The South African estuarine specialist Codium tenue (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta) discovered in a south-western Australian estuary. Botanica Marina 58 (6): 511-521. (Note – appeared in 2016!)

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